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Make it yours.
Customize it any way you want



Personalize your Smart Board by adding your company website, promotion video ads, courses, and URL links onto the homepage. By the click of a button, you can easily introduce others to your company's website, be able to favorite, save, and share in real-time. Changes can be made easily via the Management Platform. Video clips on the homepage can be watched in full screen mode by the click of a button. Yes, it's that simple!

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Create your own shortcuts, favorite them, and set which customers can see which shortcuts. Link the shortcuts to websites, and click into them on the Smart Board by the click of a button.



Creating logos has never been easier - upload your own images and edit them directly. Add text to your logos with the variety of font styles given.



Videos can be uploaded and saved into the System Management Service Platform, and can be displayed on the Smart Board homepage. Access your videos at the click of a button, hassle-free.



Personalize your Smart Board by changing the background to an image of your preference. A variety of screen backgrounds are also available for use.

Welcome Page


Upload images, advertizing clips, or VR demos via the Welcome Interface Function to use as the Smart Board Welcome Page. The Welcome Page can be used at events as an information board showing the event details, a signature board for guests to sign their names, or even as a message board for guests to leave their comments. Guests can also use the WeChat Code Scanner to save a copy of their signature. This is particularly useful for special events, such as large-scale meetings, annual dinners, and special celebrations.

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Users who have Virtual Reality supported on their system can view the Smart Board in Virtual Reality mode, and be able to share their interface by scanning a QR code on their smart phones..


VR Display

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  • Replaces the computer and projector

  • All the commonly used documents are displayed

  • Formats supported: Images and videos in various formats; Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word

  • Functions available for use: copy, paste, click to open, share in real-time

Smart Phone


Connect your WISSO Smart Board wirelessly to your smart phone and share your screen in real-time. Synchronize your images, audio and video clips to ensure everyone is updated on what is happening.

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