With schools closed and cities in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, WISSO takes another approach to learning, making it possible to connect teachers and students together, no matter their location, so that even though the city has stopped,

learning won't stop.

Transform Any Room

Into a Classroom

Achieve boundaryless learning with WISSO Conference System. Transform any room into the perfect learning environment, and start your online class anytime you want. Online classes are easy to set up and are fully customizable so that students feel as if they never left the classroom.

Features to Love

Smart Board

Teach students with visual content not just words.

Make sure everyone is on

the same page, and up to date with the course content.

Students will also be able to download a copy of the class notes afterwards. 

HD Video Conferencing

Hold online classes for your students that are both interactive and engaging

- allow them to leave messages during the class and provide real-time responses to solutions.

File Sharing

Upload documents, visual content, and videos in real-time. Be able to share everything wirelessly.

Students will be able to

access the class content easily, no matter where they are.