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Upload, edit and share files in all formats,

anytime and anywhere

File Sharing

Share in Real-Time

Upload documents, visual content, and videos in real-time. Create folders and cloud disks, transfer files in batches, and share your files with everyone. Make sure everyone is up-to-date with all the information, and following on the correct information at all times.


Supported Formats:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Videos



Share files cable-free, hassle-free

Wireless Transmission


Is The Future

Rather than plugging your device into a cable, wireless transfer allows you to simply share files anytime and anywhere you want, just by the click of a button. Wireless transfer saves time, as files can be shared to many devices too.

Yes Wires

vs. No Wires

  • Data cables have helped us transfer files, charge devices, connect systems, but as useful as they may be, fiddly cables is a major disturbing factor that makes people want to look to wireless. Out of all the cables in your drawer, you will need to look for specific cables for each device (and ensure that there are enough plug sockets for them), and also take time to plug them in the right way. Sometimes you'll also need to download a driver to be able to transfer certain files. Cables are easy to lose and make the desk look very messy.

  • Being able to send several files each time is one of the major advantages of wireless transmission. Sending to multiple devices at the same time is also a very convenient feature with wireless transmission, as this will take much less time as with data cables.

  • Wear and tear is another reason to change to wireless. The act of putting the cable into your device and then taking it out again several times a day starts to degrade the port of the device as well the cable itself. Specific cables for devices can be difficult and expensive to replace. Wireless transmission takes away the need to replace those hard-to-find and expensive cables.

  • Security is becoming a major concern for everyone. There is a potential risk of data transfer every time you plug your device into another device. Linking your phone to your laptop is a potential security risk too. Eliminating the use of such cables will diminish these risks.

  • Aesthetics are important to us. Wireless transmission gives a much cleaner and professional look to your desk, office, centre. Data cables look messy on their own and look positively cluttered when there are a bunch of them.

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