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Healthcare professionals play a central and critical role in improving access and quality health care for people around the world. Especially with clinics and offices around the world temporarily shut amid the COVID-19 crisis, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff need greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to being able to connect with each other across different locations.

With WISSO Conference System, we can help you improve operational efficiency, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient care.

Reduce Costs

Many people living in rural areas are particularly vulnerable to having inadequate access to healthcare. WISSO Conference System offers a system of remote medical consultations, which allows patients to speak with a healthcare professional at anytime, regardless of location. Reduced fees for these services make routine doctor visits and check-ups more affordable and accessible to patients.

Doctors can also reduce costs associated with travel to meetings, training, consultations, and conventions. Medical professionals can be anywhere and still be working with their patients, labs, and support staff, saving time and money.

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Improve Patient Care

With WISSO, patient care is more timely and accurate. Doctors can have immediate access to test results, images, and other professionals, and can provide initial consultations and follow-up visits to patients who are immobile, too sick to see their medical professional, or live in remote areas. WISSO can also help keep contagious patients at home yet still being able to check up on them.

Doctors can communicate directly with staff administering care for a patient in a remote location, improving delivery of treatment. Healthcare professionals will also be able to access lab results and other information more quickly, as well as being able to connect with specialists from all over the world for consults and advice, while sharing scans, photos, and other relevant patient information. This immediate access to information results in more timely and accurate patient care.

Research shows that patients score lower for depression, anxiety, and stress when they can benefit from access to health care through video conferencing and other technology.

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Enhanced Communication

WISSO can be used in order to connect professionals for enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities. Certification training sessions can be conducted in one session across multiple facilities, reducing time and travel. Medical professionals can collaborate with professionals from other hospitals in order to enhance learning and improve patient care. Train new employees with WISSO, and ensure everyone has access to the same information, even those in different locations.

Online training sessions and resources are available via the Virtual Academy, and experts will be able to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Healthcare professionals will be able to share any important information regarding COVID-19 updates with others around the world. Any staff can access these resources easily no matter where they're located. With flexible training sessions and real-time communication, hospitals and patients can be confident that any care provided will be up to standard, regardless of which doctor is attending to the patient.

Healthcare providers will also be able to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits with patients, such as a routine check-up or a surgery follow-up via the WISSO Conference System. Doctors will also be able to download medical diagnostic reports and other relevant information directly.

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