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Boundaryless learning, online learning.


Online Learning Tool

WISSO gives diversified learning styles an opportunity to explore, allowing people to think critically and communicate freely, boundlessly, independent of time or place.

Blue Valley of


Listen to those who have experience in the field, watch how things should be done, read and understand how you can improve from your mistakes. Have access to blogs, audio clips, and live broadcasts by top mentors and outstanding entrepreneurs in various fields. You can subscribe to the exclusive courses shared on the platform. Add shortcuts to your homepage so you can access them any time.

Administrators can assign permission settings to different classes, and students will be notified via SMS message. Favorite the classes, and share them with other co-workers.

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Think Tank

Learning knows no boundaries. The concept of traditional education has changed radically within the past few years. WISSO aims to bring people together, encourage knowledge sharing and social learning. Learning is now possible wherever you are and whenever you want. The WISSO Online Learning App is supported on both iOS and Android. Enjoy the convenience WISSO offers, never stop when it comes to learning, attend your classes online, ask questions in real-time. Classes in various subjects are available, such as Corporate Operations and Business Management. The online classes are available for purchase.

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Share your files, memos and announcements, and study notes. Create your own resources library, and design your own examination paper to use to set up online examinations for your students. Get to know your mentor or lecturer by scanning a QR code to connect with them. Students can consult and train via the WISSO Online Learning App.

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Join the new era of online education - access quality education whenever and wherever you want.

No cables attached.

Business Platform


Business School

Continuous learning is the key to success. Create your own Virtual Academy to provide on-demand support for your team, employees, students, and clients. Educate your members so they can enhance their knowledge in the related field of expertise. Provide resources, such as online and offline classes, assessments, exams, and other training programs. Think Tanks can also be incorporated into your Virtual Academy. Ensure everyone is competent in the work they do, and meet the social communication skills needed with your business partners . Knowledge is power, and applied knowledge is super power. Growing your knowledge is the key to growing your business.

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WISSO provides many courses in a variety of subjects that are taught by vetted industry professionals and world-class mentors, and are fully accessible without payment. Here is a few of our top picks:


University System

Grow your business and make sure business operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Create your own Online Organizational Platform for improving business operations and designing information infrastructures. By integrating on-demand courses, live courses, announcements, and documents, this helps reduce the cost of repeated training, and help reduce the workload put on the Human Resources Department and other related departments.

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