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WISSO is multi-functional, WISSO is all you'll ever need.


Attendance System

Quickly check the attendance of your class, meeting, or conference in real-time.

Other features include:

  • Generating conference check-ins for different conference topics

  • Setting the sign-in method - tap, QR code, name search, or by answering a question

  • Allowing attendees to scan a QR code to see the contents of the conference immediately after viewing an uploaded introduction to the conference

  • Attendees can use their WeChat account to check-in, and their account photo will be used to check-in

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Lucky Draw

WISSO makes events, conferences, exhibitions, product introductions more fun and interactive!


  • Upload the details of the prizes into the Prize Library Management Platform, then link them to the relevant conference. When you click onto the link, you'll be able to see the product description and also be able to order the item.

  • You will be able to set the number of people who can win a certain prize.

  • Winners will receive a message on their smart phones notifying them of the result.

  • You can use the WeChat Code Scanner to obtain a detailed list of the winners.



Voice Assistant

Use spoken voice commands to deliver tasks, easily and conveniently

  • Users can search the Web through spoken voice commands rather than typing

  • Use the Smart Voice Assistant to search for classes, products, services

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Album Display

Use the WISSO Smart Board to show others the photos from your photo albums. Allow easy access by sorting them into different folders.

Dual System


WISSO apps are supported on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Users can connect to the app via a QR code.

  • Each Conference System is supported by an individual management platform.

  • Administrators can manage users accounts, edit and delete messages, and erase details.

  • Administrators can appoint users to take up specific management posts.

  • Administrators will be able to access log reports

  • Create external live broadcasts via the Management Platform.

  • Set user permissions to allow certain members to access certain features

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