Present with visual content. Not just words.



The WISSO Smart Board allows you to engage your audience with content displayed with your spoken presentation. Display documents in any form, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, videos, and allow easy understanding of your presentation.


Your Screen

Contents of the presentation are saved automatically, and can be shared wirelessly via

e-mail or downloadable by scanning a QR code. An additional password can be added for extra security.

With WISSO Smart Board, you can:

Write, erase, and insert visual content in real-time. Other functions include copy and paste, delete, cancel, zoom, and rotate. You can also change the line thickness and colour simultaneously.

Guide your audience through the document and keep everyone on the same page.

Hold classes, conferences, and meetings, regardless of location.

Different hand gestures are supported, such as palm erasing, two-point zoom, and multi-dragging.

Present to your co-workers, clients, and partners the documents, projects, videos, or websites you are working on.

Share content in any format via QR code: Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and videos, etc. Be able to share your screen with others too. You can also share content by e-mail.

Add an additional password to your documents when sharing for extra security. Only users with the set password will be able to view the documents.

Add visual content to increase effectiveness of your online conferences. Support your words with content in any format.