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WISSO Conference System gives SMEs an improved way of communicating with suppliers, customers, and clients in an open and honest way, with real-time face-to-face conversations helping to build trust and loyalty in these business relationships.

With WISSO Conference System, we can help you improve communication, reduce costs and improve productivity.

​WISSO also provides many free courses for businesses. For more information about these courses, please click here.

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We Strive to Help Companies...

Build Elite Teams

Enhance the team's professional ability by allowing training to break through time and space constraints, enabling the team to work together and get the latest information and courses in real-time. This enhances the professional ability of all staff thus creating greater value for the company.

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

Enhance operational efficiency and improve organizational effectiveness. Achieve cross-regional remote collaborative communication, meeting synchronization, and accurate information transmission.

Increase Revenue

Implement chains, monopolies, and other product sales terminals to achieve synchronous linkage of marketing activities to fully release brand resources, thus generating revenue. Display several product categories onto one screen, providing customers with a variety of choices. Increase the value of space to generate revenue.

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce the cost of training, meetings, traveling and accommodation, and meeting room hardware.

Achieve Capital Docking

Complete the project roadshow simply in the company's own meeting room, and connect directly with thousands of investment institutions and investors. It will no longer be difficult for companies to raise funds, and projects will finally be able to get real capital support.



Enhance the Park's Image

Introduce the park to visitors with more flexibility, an intelligent touch control interface, and smart functions. Display images and introduction videos of the park on a single screen, thus directly enhancing the image of the park.

Provide Intelligent Services for Park Enterprises

Not only provide physical space preferential policies to park enterprises, but also enhance the numerous amount of intelligent courses, so that park enterprises can grow in real-time, access business channels, and improve the success rate of business incubation.

Help Park Enterprises Access National Capital

Allows enterprises to complete the project roadshow in the park roadshow hall, and directly connect with thousands of organizations and investors, so that good projects can quickly connect with capital and obtain capital support.

Achieve Real-Time Communication of Information in the Park and Promote the Mutual Integration of Enterprise Resources in the Park

The double wisdom screen helps the park to achieve real-time communication of government policy information, initiate live broadcasts, synchronized participation of enterprises in the park, increase understanding, and achieve mutual integration of resources of enterprises in the park.

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Improve Service Quality

Transform every corner to become a place for brainstorming ideas, allow guests to use the big screen to communicate directly with those in the meeting. They can scan the QR code to download a copy of the meeting content, thus allowing clubs, teahouses, and cafés to provide a more competitive service.

Keep Customer Data and Enhance Customer Stickiness 

Scan a QR code on the Smart Board to obtain customer data,  pay attention to your public ranking, and can use lucky draw activities to trigger customer participation enthusiasm, thus enhancing stickiness and promoting interaction. 

Quickly Increase Revenue

Display a large variety of products on a single screen, supply products directly from manufacturers, increase the amount of spending by a single customer, and effectively increase business income.

Quicky Improve the Ways to Attract Traffic, Increase Passenger Flow

The live broadcasts by numerous macroeconomic experts, managers, entrepreneurs, investors allow boutiques, clubs, and teahouses to become a place for members to share a common practice, thus enabling quick referrals and increased customer stickiness and traffic.

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Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Government Services

Government bodies will be able to hold real-time meetings with several other departments - this effective, fast, and accurate transmission of information, rapidly improves office efficiency and effectiveness.

Effectively Exchange Information Between Government and Enterprises

Enterprises in the area will know of the latest government policies and information in real-time, so that information dissemination can break through time and space restrictions, and enterprises can watch government-related videos and live broadcasts in conference rooms.

Provide Intelligent Government Services for Enterprises

Achieve direct access to government bodies for industry and commerce, taxation, technology, economic and information systems, and other office points, so that enterprises can complete government docking services in the company.

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Help the Government to Build an Enterprise Cloud Platform

Assist the government in building an enterprise cloud platform that allows government leaders to understand the growth and development of enterprises in real-time from their offices.

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Improve the Quality of Teaching Services

With the use of our WISSO Smart Board, video conferencing and other functions can effectively improve the quality of teaching at training institutions in order to enhance service competitiveness.

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Immediate Access to Numerous Resources

Training organizations will have immediate access to thousands of mentors where they can create classes that are both multi-dimensional and customized to their students.

Quicky Increase Revenue

With the large number of high-quality courses and certification courses available, training costs will be greatly reduced. The rapid increase of the number of students. will lead to a rapid increase in business revenue.

Significant Reduce in Input Costs

Training sessions are able to break through time and space constraints, thus eliminatiing the need to invest in high venue fees and teacher hospitality costs, which greatly reduces input costs and increases the profitability of the organization.



Improve Teaching Quality

THe WISSO SMart Board and HD Video Conferencing functions can effectively improve the quality of school teaching and enhance service competitiveness.

Rapidly Improve Student Performance

Students will be able to access and enjoy premium courses with real-life world class mentors as their teachers, thus quickly improving their academic performance.

Rapidly Increase Schools's Revenue

Join forces with world class mentors to provide multi-dimensional curriculum services to students, thus rapidly increasing school revenue.

Building a Customized Cloud Academy for the School

Help schools refine their own high quality courses, enabling effective interaction between the WISSO Smart Board and the tablet, so that students can review courses in real-time to improve learning.

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